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Posted On:1/8/12 at 12:29
There’s just no way to have that many people crammed together to see the same person and have it be safe/not extremely disruptive

Posted On:1/8/12 at 12:51
That crowd. Holy Heck! You couldn’t pay me enough to be in that crowd.

Posted On:1/8/12 at 02:11
But, when you can’t get down your own street or home, that is a problem. Not to mention people standing in the middle of the street is dangerous too because vehicles have to get through too. So, if you think people don’t have the right to complain because of where they live, we should all gather outside your home and make sure we inconvenience you, to see how you like it.

Posted On:6/10/11 at 07:38
The barricade opposite me, for example, rushed the rail when Daniel came out and you could hear some girls screaming “You’re suffocating me!”

Posted On:6/11/11 at 12:10
When we got outside, there was already a mob of fans already…on both sides of the barricades and across the street. As everyone else has been saying, there’s lots of pushing, shoving….I had cameras and playbills on my head from the people behind me.

Posted On:5/12/11 at 10:48
Seriously, stay away from this stage door experience. It’s a dangerous madhouse… It’s also difficult to see him as there are sooo many people there. It was my worst stage door experience ever…..I’d never try that again. I’d also be concerned for a young person’s safety. The people there are out of control.

Posted On:5/15/11 at 12:09
…that stage door was a horrific experience …. like others have stated, People not at that days show were already lined up … I was utterly crushed (and I was quite close to the front) and walked away with bruises covering my legs (not kidding!!)…I did not stage door the rest of my trip…

Posted On:7/2/11 at 04:12
You stand packed like sardines for twenty minutes and when he finally comes out the crowd surges forward like they’re heading for the emergency exit.

Posted On:7/2/11 at 10:49
It’s pure insanity. There are barricades on either side of the door. When Daniel comes out, the shrieking (yes, shrieking) is so loud and everyone surges forward squishing everyone up front. I saw poor young girls who just wanted to meet someone they love get smashed against a barricade by crazy teenage girls that could care less about what they’re doing to people around them. It’s a madhouse. If you decide to wait, be prepared, it’s not a pleasant experience.