Selected comments from residents of W. 45th St. on the nightly crowds at How to Succeed in Business…

from F. V.
I don’t think we should have to take our own lives into our hands in order for a mob of teenagers await an autograph or celebrity sighting … [they] block the entire sidewalk leaving pedestrians no choice but to go into the street, or walk back and legally cross at the avenue. There is no one on the sidewalk at either end to assist people passing by or to suggest crossing the street and using north sidewalk. Yet at times the NYPD is present. Who are they serving?

from E. T.
There are up to 8 police guys at the stage door on any given night. They are there for long stretches kibitzing with each other and they are too busy watching the stars come out and chatting with the young girls than they are managing the crowd. You can’t pass by the sidewalk on either side of the street, you are forced to walk into the traffic when the show lets out. Cars and other vehicles keep moving and the police don’t monitor. (The only “cop” who likes to direct traffic is the loony-toon guy from the Aladdin Hotel who dresses up in the fake cop uniform and limps around.) Why are taxpayers paying for 8 NYPD officers to act as free security for a star who is likely making between $30,000 and $50,000 a week? Shouldn’t the theatre and the star be paying for their own security force. Why are they allowed to block off spaces on the street for their vehicles?

from F. H.
I am a resident of West 45th Street and find it very dangerous crossing the streets when the sidewalks are completely blocked off with no designated area for pedestrians. My boyfriend was almost hit by a speeding cab and I myself feel like I am being thrown into a dangerous obstacle course while trying to get home

from G. R.
I couldn’t agree more that this is a real problem. If we happen to be out at the hour of the crowds, we can’t even get down our own block and are forced to walk in the street with our child! It’s ridiculous.The noise is disturbing as we are trying to go to sleep. Does the theatre have a permit for the gathering daily? Peaceful demonstrations need permits for more than 50 people, why should the theatre get special treatment?

from L. M.
This is out of control! I have been forced to walk through the streets because both sidewalks were completely blocked by teenage girls. One time I was clipped by the rearview mirror of a passing taxi and me and my dog have come close to being hit by cars multiple other times. NYPD seems unable to control the problem. Often times the sidewalk is completely blocked off (I was under the impression that they have to have a clear walkway for pedestrians at all times) and NYPD is nowhere to be found. They are usually there when the show gets out but it seems like the area needs to be patrolled around the clock. There have been times when our doorway/gate has been blocked in the morning by the long line of people waiting for rush tickets. When will this stop?!?!

from L. D.
Those waiting in the morning to buy $30 tickets talk so loud it can be heard quite a distance down the block… night the shreaking enters into apartments the length of the block. We know what time the stars exit by the yelling crowds who are heard down at the other end of the block.