W. 45th St. Block Assoc. to Comm. Board 4

West 45th Street Block Association (8th-9th Avenues)

Ms. Jessica Greer
District Manager
Community Board No. 4

330 W. 42nd Street
New York,N.Y. 10036

September 13, 1996

RE: HS Sytems

Dear Jessica:

This letter will serve as a follow up to our recent telephone conversation.

The only thing that has changed at HSS is a light over the entrance way. The conditions that were brought to the Boards attention remain as bad as ever, and in many instances, they have become even worse.

Cars still illegally park for 2, 3,and even more hours at a time. Recently there were TWENTY private cars on the south side of the block alone waiting for HSS patients. Radios with mega-base sound systems starting as early as 6:45 am playing continually on through the day. There is NO PARKING 24 hrs a day on the block.

Cars are still being worked on with their hoods raised, people working under the cars while waiting literally hours for HSS patients. Car alarms go-off intermittently all through the day.

People congregate and loiter all over the sidewalks. They sit on fire hydrants, tree guards, lie down on the sidewalk, lean against buildings and sit all over their steps blocking entrences.

Twenty-eight people were observed loitering just outside the HSS entrance alone. Why are these people not in the HSS waiting rooms?

These people bring food with them which is then dropped on the sidewalk or thrown into the gutter or tree pits. One super we spoke with stated that he is constantly taking soda cans, coffee cups, plastic food containers, and general take out food trash out of his tree pits.

A patient was observed returning from HSS, got into a van, finished eating and threw out of the window as they drove away, all of the containers, bags, napkins,and plastic utensils onto the street. This is typical on our RESIDENTIAL BLOCK from the HS Sytems.

A cleaning person has been observed many times sweeping trash and litter from in front of HSS off the sidewalk and into the gutter and street with no attempt to sweep it up and dispose of it properly.

A mattress was left in the entrance of HSS by a homeless person. HSS just "pushed" the filthy torn mattress out of the way and left the mattress in the middle of the sidewalk for hours.

The security guard was observed sitting in his broken red office chair with newspapers that had blown all around the entrance way. They were piled up under his feet and chair and strewn all over the sidewalk. No attempt to clean up or have someone from HSS come down and take care of the glaring mess. Another blatant example of HSSystems cavalier attitude and disregard for the block. Graffiti has been on the entrance facade since 8/14 with no attempt to remove it.

We see no police foot patrols, and every so often a patrol car will drive by, move the cars on, they all return in 10-15 minutes. This "once in a while" presence is really only a Band-Aid approach to our problem.

As we have brought these problems to the Board’s attention since our letter to Ms. Jones 12-6-90, and your recent letter to Fran Reiter of 6-12-96, conditions have gotten worse. HSS systems has drastically changed the quality of life on our residential block. We have had nothing but rhetoric, cavalier attitude, and a total disregard for the block and the people who live here from HSS.

The entrance on our block is treated like their "back door" with no concern or sensitivity for the block or community.

The residents are confronted daily with these horrible conditions with no end in sight. This goes on day in and day out in front of our homes.

We strongly request the Board follow-up as your letter stated to have HSS moved from this residential block. Thank you for your help on this dreadful situation.

Very truly yours,
Ron Colby, John Fisher, Roger Puckett, Joanne Ebersbach

Hon. Fran Reiter Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development

Hon. Ruth messinger MB President
Hon. Tom Duane City Council Member
Hon. Martha Livingston Hammons, Human Resources Admin.
D.I. Bruce Smolka, MN Precinct
Tim Gay CB4
Ruth Kahn CB4