Tom Duane to Mayor Giuliani — August 28, 1997

Thomas K. Duane
Council Member
Third District, Manhattan
275 7th Avenue, 12th Floor

New York, NY 10001
(212) 929-5501

August 28, 1997

Hon. Rudolph Giuliani
Mayor, City of New York
City Hall

New York, NY 10007

Dear Mayor Giuliani:

I am writing to you regarding HS Systems, located at 322 West 45th Street and 321 West 44th Street, in Manhattan. The city’s Human Resources Administration (HRA) contracts with this agency for the medical evaluation of clients to receive disability benefits. However, this agency’s operations at this location have, for the last several years, created very serious problems for neighboring residents. Most disturbing, though, is the fact that in spite of repeated attempts by the Community Board, the block association, and my office to get HS Systems to improve conditions around its West 45th Street entrance, there has been little if not no improvement to the situation.

As was first reported to my office several years ago, HS Systems continues to have its clients line up on the street outside of the West 45th Street back entrance to the building (the main entrance is at 321 West 44th Street). It is inappropriate to force clients to wait on the street for their appointments, and during the time that they do, some create noise or other disturbances which HS Systems is yet to take a serious role in mitigating. Additionally, at night, the small recessed entrance to HS Systems on West 45th street has become a shelter for illicit activities such as drug dealing and public urination. HS Systems has been repeatedly asked to install lighting at this entrance and to make it flush with the wall of the building in order to prevent this from happening; they have thus far refused.

While your Community Assistance Unit (CAU) has in the past responded to requests from the West 45th Street Block Association for help with this situation, they have informed my office that for more than the last year CAU has refused to play a role. Additionally, HRA has also been unwilling to offer assistance. I urge you to bring HRA and CAU to the table to meet with my office and the West 45th Street Block Association to bring a resolution to this long-standing problem.


Thomas K. Duane