Sound-on-Sound to HRA — January 17, 1996


January 17, 1996

Seth Diamond
Deputy Commissioner

Office of Employment Services
125 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011

Dear Mr. Diamond,

Enclosed is a copy of HS System’s standard medical appointment letter for your reference information. As you can see, the letter instructs your patients to report to 322 West 45th Street, which happens to be Sound On Sound’s address. The address painted on the entrance of HS Systems was changed to 320 years ago. Please change your paperwork appropriately.

We have an enormous amount of your patients reporting to our address and harassing our employees and clients daily. David Silvernail at HS Systems is aware of the problem, and has hired a security guard to direct patients. This was a noble effort, but doesn’t always work when the guard has a day off, or stands inside, or your patients arrive after hours, which is usually the case.

Please, please, please, take whatever steps you feel necessary. If you have any questions, you can call either myself, _________, or ____________ at the number below.

Thank you for your consideration and timely remedy.

Office Manger

cc: David Silvernail, HSS
Ken Carmel, Joe Glover, Williams Real Estate