HS Systems to Community Board 4 — August 1, 1997

HS Systems
The Health Education people
321 West 44th Street
New York, New York 10036

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August 1, 1997

Ms. Pamela Frederick
Chair, Community Board No.4
330 West.42nd Street
New York, New York 10036

Dear Ms. Frederick:

I am in receipt of your invitation to attend your Quality of Life meeting on Tuesday,
August 5, 1997. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend on that day. As you are aware
all of your concerns as a board have been forwarded to the Landlord as well as to the HRA
for whom we provide services. We have taken your requests very seriously and have exerted
every effort that is within our scope to provide to comply with your requests.

  • We have supplied a maintenance crew, at our expense, to sweep and wash the sidewalk in
    front of our entrance several times daily.
  • We have asked the local precinct to send out patrols.
  • We maintain the facade of the building, painting several times each year, as well as
    provide trash receptacles
  • We have had signs posted that relate to parking and loitering. Our facility provides
    waiting areas for visitors
  • The landlord has provided lighting in the entrance so that loitering may be minimized
    after hours.
  • We are currently in discussion with the Landlord to use the delivery entrance on 44th
    street to divert some of the patients. However, that entrance is presently not suitable as
    it is currently designated for garbage storage.
  • We have adjusted our hours of operation so that our patients may be accommodated during
    morning weekday hours only. Even though our first appointments are for 8 am, we allow
    patients to enter the facility at 7:30 am.
  • Our appointment letters indicate that patients should limit the number of people that
    come with them.
  • We provide security personnel to maintain order and to provide crowd control. Together
    with my Director of Operations, I do spot checks of the area and from time to time speak
    with the store owners on 45th Street.
  • We have made ourselves available to those vendors for acute problems.

To my knowledge every demand that your Board has made, short of relocating, has been
met. We agree that some of the people who accompany our patients are disruptive,
unfortunately we are powerless to effectuate change in behavior patterns, and we are not
empowered to ticket vehicles that are illegally parked. We must leave that up to the law
enforcement agencies and we will certainly endorse any action they choose to take.

I apologize for my unavailability at this time; however, please feel free to
communicate with my office.

Yours truly,

Yvonne M. Jones

HS Systems, Inc.