HRA to Sound-on-Sound — March 27, 1996

Office of Employment Services
109 EAST 16th STREET
NEW YORK, N.Y 10003

March 27, 1996

Office Manager
Sound on Sound Recording, Inc.
322 West 45th Street
New York, New York 10036

Dear Ms. _________:

This is in reply to your letter concerning the HS Systems address to which we refer our clients. After contacting Ms. Yvonne Jones, director of HS Systems, she has advised us that the address on the medical appointment notice is correct, and therefore, we will continue to use this address on our HS Systems medical notification forms.

Please be assured, however, that Ms. Jones has cooperated in the past by working together with the community on various issues and concerns. If you need further assistance, please contact HS Systems management.


Seth W. Diamond