Comm. Board 4 to Dep. Mayor Fran Reiter — 6/12/96

NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036

June 12, 1996

Hon. Fran Reiter
Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development
One Centre Street, Room 2358
New York, NY 10007

Re: HS Systems, 321 west 44th Street

Dear Deputy Mayor Reiter:

For at least four years, HS Systems has been providing medical examinations under City contract to determine medical disability for unemployed persons. For more than three years, Community Board No. 4 and the west 45th Street Block Association have been calling, writing and meeting with HS Systems’ President Yvonne Jones to address the array of problems at HS Systems’ heavily used west 45th Street entrance. Ms. Jones has promised many changes to residents and businesses on West 45th Street, including not allowing clients to line up outside, cleaning the sidewalk and providing lights in front of the building at night. None of these promises have been kept. In addition:

  • unreasonable noise and altercations continue to emanate from clients and their relatives who wait in front of the HS Systems’ West 45th Street entrance. Such disturbances are demonstrated by a recent criminal incident that occurred in front the establishment. On May 2, 1996, a local resident and a police officer – who was ticketing an illegally parked car belonging to an HS Systems’ client – were hit by the client/car owner who drove his car onto the sidewalk. Evidently, the client attempted to run over the police officer and resident. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has a case filed against the driver.
  • Clients must wait in line on the street, regardless of the weather, starting at 7:00 A.M.
  • HS Systems’ clients regularly park their cars on West 45th Street, despite the street’s no parking regulations.
  • Clients’ relatives and friends not only wait in parked cars, but listen to loud music and often repair their vehicles on west 45th Street.
  • Poor lighting in front of the west 45th Street entrance causes it to be used as a place for drug dealing and urination at night. Despite Community Board No. 4’s repeated requests and the legal requirements, HS Systems has declined to install a flush door or exterior lighting.
  • HS Systems deteriorates the quality of life on this otherwise quiet residential block of West 45th Street; traffic related to it creates problems with receiving deliveries, access for emergency vehicles and trash removal.
  • Further, sanitation problems exist in front of HS Systems, which is simply not kept clean. The Board Office has photographs to document this. In fact, many businesses and building owners on the block receive summonses for trash left by MS System’s clients.

Community Board No. 4 asks that the City consolidate HS Systems’ services at another location. The services HS System provides may be valuable, but its conduct in the community is deplorable. The Board has a long history of working with organizations to resolve these types of problems. Unfortunately, HS Systems has not been willing to address any of our concerns. We, therefore, must ask that they be relocated elsewhere.


Joanne Macy, Community Board No. 4
Toby Hansson, Chair Human Services Committee
Tica L. Dublin, Co-Chair Quality of Life Committee
Tim Gay, Co-Chair Quality of Life Committee


Hon. Ruth Messinqer, Manhattan Borough President
Hon. Catherine Abate, State Senator
Hon. Richard Gottfried, State Assemblymember
Hon. Tom Duane, City Councilmember
Hon. Marva Livingston Hammons, Human Resources Admin.
D.I. Bruce Smolka, Midtown North precinct
Connie Cucchiara, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
Wanda Linn, Mayor’s Office of Community Assistance
Yvonne Jones, HS Systems President
Ron Colby, West 45th Street Block Association