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Vol. 1, Issue 1 May 1997

PETER GRAHAM’s Reports Are Subject to Challenge

Peter D. Graham, M.D., is a Consultative Examiner for Social Security and the New York State Department of Social Services, examining many SSI patients at HS Systems in Manhattan. Dr. Graham’s reports usually state that the client can sit, stand, walk, lift, and carry" and are often relied on by SSA and by ALJs to support denials of SSI and Social Security claims. However, Dr. Graham has agreed to findings by the New York State Department of Health Office of Professional Medical Conduct that he was guilty of "gross negligence," negligence on more than one occasion, and failure to maintain adequate records involving two emergency room patients."

His license was suspended for two years, with the suspension stayed with probation for two years. lf your client was examined by Dr. Peter Graham, you may want to ask the ALJ to give no weight to Dr. Graham’s report in light of the above findings. Please keep us informed of the results of challenges to Dr. Graham’s reports.