Councilmember Duane to Dep. Mayor Fran Reiter

Council Member

3rd District, Manhattan

275 7th Avenue, 12th Floor

New York, NY 10001

(212) 929-5501

September 25, 1996

Hon. Fran Reiter
Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
One Centre Street, Room 2358
New York, NY 10007

Dear Deputy Mayor:

I am writing to you regarding ongoing prob]ems the Clinton community has been experiencing with HS Systems, 321 West 45th Street, an agency which, for over four years, has been under city contract to provide medical examinations to determine medical disability for unemployed persons.

In spite of continued requests made from, and promises given to, my office, Community Board #4, and the West 45th Street Block Association, HS Systems has not made any discernible effort to improve conditions on West 45th Street or address problems which stem from the operation of their agency on this block. HS Systems continues to have clients line up on the street outside of their building, sometimes for hours at a time, regardless of the weather, rather than providing waiting rooms inside. Their sidewalk is routinely dirty, partly owing to the lining up of clients on the sidewalk throughout the day. However, HS Systems has not taken appropriate steps to clean their sidewalks, which further adds to the deteriorated quality of life on this block. For years, HS System’s West 45th Street door has sheltered drug dealing and urination at night. HS Systems has been asked to install lighting and a flush door in this area to address this problem.

However, partly as a result of their refusal, the problems continue, much to the chagrin of neighboring residents. Additionally, while HS Systems has been made aware of the disruptive behavior of some of their clients on this block, parking illegally, playing loud radios from cars, and doing automotive repairs on the block, HS Systems has made no discernible effort to communicate to its clients that such activities are not allowed.

This intolerable situation has been allowed to go on for too long already. If HS Systems cannot be convinced to immediately take appropriate actions to address these problems, I urge the city to discontinue its contract with HS Systems for medical examinations at this location.


Thomas K. Duane