HRA to Community Board 4 — December 23, 1997

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LILLlAM BARRIOS-PAOLI, Administrator/Commissioner
RAE LINEFSKY, First Deputy Commissioner

December 23, 1997

Pamela Frederick, Chair
Manhattan Community Board No. 4
330 West 42nd Street
New York, New York 10036

Dear Ms. Frederick:

The letter you, Ms. Roberts, Ms. Dorman and Mr. Gay wrote to Mayor Giuliani dated November 6, 1997 regarding the contracted facility Health Services Systems (HS Systems) was forwarded to my office for a response.

We are keenly aware of the various criticisms leveled at HS Systems and we are carefully reviewing the concerns raised in your letter. As a consequence, we have made and will be making more field visits to the facility to assess and observe the situation, so that we can take the appropriate follow-up actions. We are also currently discussing the feasibility of changing the entrances.

HS Systems has had a good track record with HRA and we are sure that they will continue to cooperate to address your concerns. According to HS Systems, they have made several improvements which they shared in their letter to you dated August 1, 1997. They include:

  • Supplying a maintenance crew to clean the sidewalk in front of the entrance several times a day.
  • Asking the local police precinct to patrol the area.
  • Putting up parking and loitering-related signs.
  • Improving the lighting in the entrance area.
  • Adjusting the hours of operations.
  • Providing security to maintain order and control.
  • Doing spot checks of the area.
  • Being available to meet with local vendors and store owners.

With regard to the Certificate of Occupancy (C of 0), it is the responsibility of the landlord, and not the tenant (HS Systems), to obtain it. According to information provided to us, the C of 0 is in effect, after having been amended for a restaurant.

The current contract with HS Systems expires on September 30), 1998, and HRA expects to issue a Request for Proposals for medical screening services. It is our expectation that qualified agencies will participate in this competition and that the best agency/agencies will be selected.

We hope to gain the support and understanding of the community for our efforts to address the issues you have raised. We must work together, and to that end. Myrna Payne, HRA’s Community Affairs Borough Coordinator who attends your Community Board District Service Cabinet meetings, discussed the issues with Tim Gay, your Board’s Quality of Life Committee Chairperson, and his concerns were shared with appropriate HRA staff for follow-up.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We look forward to working with you and the community to resolve these issues.

Rae Linefsky

Katharine Roberts, Chair Human Service Committee
Mary Dorman, Co-Chair Quality-of-Life Committee
Timothy Gay, Co-Chair Quality-of-life Committee
Jessica Greer, District Manager
Hon. Rudy Washington, Dep. Mayor for Community Development and
Business Services
Hon. Ruth Messinger, Borough President
Hon. Jerrold Nadler, United States Representative
Hon. Catherine Abate, State Senator
Hon. Richard Gottfried, State Assembly Member
Hon. Tom Duane, City Council Member
Deputy Inspector Bruce Smolka, Midtown North Precinct
Wanda Linn, Mayor’s Community Assistance Unit
Adrianne Leaf, HRA Office of Employment Services
Myrna Payne, HRA Office of Community Affairs
Yvonne Jones, HS Systems
John Fisher, West 45th Street Block Association