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Pedicab Nightmares on West 45th Street

Pedicabs on 45th St.

Pedicabs on 45th St.

Recently Mayor Bloomberg and Council Member Christine Quinn made a deal that would make Pedicabs legal on the streets of NYC. The problem is, they often are not on the streets. Instead they are often parking on and blocking the sidewalks, weaving in and out of traffic, going the wrong way on heavily-trafficked streets (like 45th Street when the shows lets out), and crossing multiple lanes at once, often at 90 degrees from the traffic flow.

For a few scenes from Pedicab menaces on 45th Street on the evening of August 1st, see our Flickr page here.

Some of these operators are independent with no oversight whatsoever. But just as many are owned and operated by the larger pedicab companies, which ostensibly provide training to the actual vehicle operators.

No police were seen that would — even if they desired to do anything — ticket the violators.

The new law requires insurance, hopefully to cover the paying passengers. With these drivers, they probably will need that coverage, and more.

And if you think that’s bad, trot on over to Broadway, Columbus Circle or Fifth Avenue in the 50’s. It’s even worse.