West 45th Street blocked today July 27

If you’re sitting in a car waiting to turn left onto 45th Street, today isn’t your day.


For the next few hours, the street will be blocked off (at 8th Avenue) due to Verizon work being done at the intersection of 9th and 45th. They’re in the process of bringing FIOS into the building 359 W. 45th St. (but unfortunately, not for the other buildings that still lack the cable/phone service).Estimates of when the street will re-open range from Noon to 3 PM. Delivery vehicles are being allowed onto the street, but they must back out again at 8th Avenue.

This comes just as the Con Ed work is starting to get underway. While that construction will be on the sidewalks, materials and support vehicles will be on the street, and backhoes will be on both the street and sidewalk.

If that’s not enough, we lost a large branch on the tree in front of 359 W. 45th., most likely due to the storms. However the rest of the tree appears to be all right. The Parks Department is being notified.