Forced to walk in the street!

The mess at the Hirschfeld Theater continues. Many block residents responded to our last newsletter with comments on the impact of the nightly crowds at the Hirschfeld Theater (including video).See here for selected comments from block residents.And see here for stories from those waiting in line.

The video below was sent to us by a 45th Street resident forced to walk in the street around the crowds waiting for How to Succeed in Business star Nick Jonas to come out to sign autographs. This was at 6:30 PM, more then four hours before the show lets out. For anyone walking on the south side of 45th Street, they risk being hit by speeding vehicles. There are no police. The theater has not set aside a lane for pedestrians. There are no protections. We’ve been told of two occasions where block residents have been clipped by cars or taxis. And the situation is far worse after 10:30 PM when the crowds swell to many hundreds pushing and shoving fans.