Mystery vehicle

Now in its fourth week of being parked on 45th St., this suspicious white van has all the earmarks of being abandoned, or perhaps it was left for some other purpose. The tags indicate it’s an “official” vehicle, yet it has no marking to indicate what, it any, government agency uses it.

It could be from the Dog Pound, or maybe an undercover vehicle (but what undercover vehicle would carry “official” plates?).

Mayor Bloomberg’s 311 has been called (no action) and the local police have been notified on three occasions. No action.

Update: August 11. The vehicle is finally gone. We do not know if our calls to NYPD did the trick or not. We are aware, however, that the NYPD submitted false information to the 311 service. We called 311 on August 6th at 6:07 PM. Only 90 minutes later, at 7:36 PM, NYPD reported that “The Police Department responded and upon arrival those responsible for the condition were gone.” However the vehicle was there until at least August 10th. This is not the first time we’ve noted that conditions get falsely claimed as being resolved by the NYPD. In some cases, the police never even drive by or visit the location, yet within minutes, 311 reports the condition as being resolved.