Has Piece of Chicken flown the coop?

Piece of Chicken litter blocks sidewalkPiece of Chicken queue blocking sidewalkIt sure looks like Piece of Chicken, operating out of a side door of the Film Center on the southeast corner of Ninth and 45th, is done. Despite being more-than-busy only a few weeks ago, the hole-in-the-wall eatery has been dark for about a week, and a look inside reveals a mostly empty room.

While seemingly popular with some, it had increasingly generated complaints from patrons blocking the sidewalk, illegal sandwich board signs and garbage scattered around.

Piece of Chicken was a leftover from the popular restaurant Jezebels which anchored the corner (now occupied by Five Napkin Burger) for more than two decades. In May 2007, Crains New York Business reported that owner Alberta Wright was closing Jezebels, but keeping Piece of Chicken, operating out of Jezebel’s back kitchen space. The article reported that the lease — as of 2007 — was good for six years.